Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wine + Canvas = A great time!

On a chilly November day, I decided to join friends and reconnect with my inner artist at a wine and canvas party. Leading us every step of the way, a happy brunette woman instructed where to place each and every dot of paint. She told us that the various segments on the paintbrush were to be used as guides that would help us determine where to put the paint on this medium-sized empty canvas. She brought out the Rembrandt in all of us.

Painting in numbers!
The picture we were painting, “Still Life of Bottle and Glass” depicted a label-less bottle and long-stemmed red wine goblet artfully posed amongst bunches of grapes. For a fee, everything but the wine was provided – canvas, brushes, paint, apron and instruction. There’s party music and room for all your friends. The more I drank the better my picture looked and the more fun everyone was having. It was amazing to watch my tentative rendering ripen into a mature work of art – something I would not have been able to achieve without the lively brown haired woman leading the class and guiding me along the way.  It was like high school art class – with wine.

Now, with my painting proudly displayed in the hallway of my apartment, I am anxious to attend another “painting party.” Some of my friends have been to multiple wine and canvas events. Each class paints a different picture plus they make great gifts and decorative accents for any room.
Sample painting
A unique opportunity to attend a wine and canvas event will be held on March 21 in the atrium at West Baden Springs Hotel. Work with an instructor in acrylic paint to create your very own rendition of West Baden Springs Hotel’s one-of-a-kind silhouette from 4pm – 7pm. Two glasses of wine will be included along with a cash bar and live jazz by the Sarah Stivers’s Group. Reservations are required. Please call 888-936-9360. $45 per person

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Guy’s Guide to Romance

Are you one of those guys who has bought your wife a set floor mats for Valentine’s Day? When you did, were you “thoughtful enough” to give her your debit card so she could pick them out herself? Did you even go so far to give her the website where there was a good selection for her to choose from?
Maybe you have thought a vacuum or blender was a more thoughtful gift. Maybe you even picked the appliance out yourself. It doesn’t really matter. If you did any of these and thought you were doing something special for your wife or significant other, then we’re guessing you struck out miserably!

So, for all of you guys perpetually living in the back of the gift-giving dog house, we have a really easy solution. It’s our West Baden Springs Hotel. Really, you’re thinking, it can’t be that simple. Really, we’re writing, it can!

After you have reserved your room, guys, there are the obvious romantic choices such as dinner in Sinclairs and a couples’ massage in the award-winning spa. To dumb it down even further for the gift-giving-challenged, just book the Lovers’ Getaway Package that includes a massage and dining credits.

But, guys, this isn’t all about convincing you to buy a hotel package. At West Baden, it’s all about the romantic experience that only this hotel can deliver.

Consider how impressed your special someone is going to be when she wakes up in the morning in a room overlooking our world-famous atrium. Imagine the glow on her face when she crawls out from under those 820 thread-count sheets and cozy down comforter to the soft natural light from the atrium cascading into your room. Picture the satisfaction on her face when she pushes open the double doors to the atrium balcony in a comfy terry-cloth robe, perhaps sipping a cup of freshly brewed Starbucks coffee (that you got up earlier to brew, of course).

Yeah, yeah, thread counts and soft light is not really “guy-speak”, but just remember that this is not about you. We’re really only considering her. Trust us, those fancy adjectives above impress the ladies and that’s what we’re going for here. But, for your sake, here’s some things you might relate to (and her too!). Sip some signature cocktails and enjoy a burger for lunch at Ballard’s Bar in the atrium. It’s feels like your dining al fresco there. There is even a billiard’s table if you want some friendly competition with her (but remember to let her win, it’s about her!). We suggest you let her choose most of the activities.

Ultimately, guys, our goal is to make you look good to your mate. We make it simple by providing an unmatched romantic atmosphere but we can’t hold your hand all the way through the process. We’re pretty confident, though, that by making West Baden Springs Hotel your one-stop shop that you are well on your way to melting her heart. That should earn your exit from the gift-giving dog house.