Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Old Glory Gets a Facelift; West Baden Closed Select Dates for Roof Repair

Who can forget the sad sight of the West Baden Springs Hotel's crumbling wall in 1996? The wall collapse, most likely the result of water infiltration on the roof level, brought much-needed attention to the plight of the once-glorious lady.

You might have followed the 560 million dollar restoration of both French Lick Springs and West Baden Springs Hotels—the largest historic restoration project in Indiana history and one of the largest privately-funded preservation projects in the United States. 
The project culminated on May 23, 2007, when the hotel welcomed guests again for the first time in 75 years. What a glorious day for all involved!

As caretakers of the world-famous dome, once dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World", we have committed to maintaining the integrity of the structure. As such, maintenance work will need to be done, making the hotel unavailable to guests for a short period of time.

A roof project is underway now and will result in the hotel being unavailable on the following dates:

4pm • November 9 through 11am • November 14
4pm • November 18 through 11am • November 21
4pm • November 23 through 11am • November 26
4pm • November 30 through 11am • December 5

We appreciate your understanding and support!

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